Who we are

Mr.BHAISHREE is the person who created the Group of Companies of Rs.600 crore turnovers. The journey starts on bicycle in 1975 and by following only one dream “Worlds Best Quality Service To The Customers”, today there is group of companies under single name i.e. Bhaishree Group .No wonder, the present technologically advanced company spread on around twelve acres of land, which is the dream child of a person Shri Rameshbhai C.Patel

Shri Rameshbhai C.Patel , commonly known as BHAISHREE by respecting his social work and humanity nature. A respected word BHAI means elder brother who runs the community as such; he is referred as “BHAISHREE”

How Did We Begin?

A respected word “BHAI” Means Elder Brother who runs the Community .

Jalna (Around 500 kms from Bombay) was initially only a hub of seed and fertilizer manufacturing.

Traditional business did not prompt anybody to think beyond the set of traditions and business values.

Bhaishree Group did this, and today he is at one of the most enviable positions in the country.

Company Pillers
  1. INTEGRITY: Appreciates a fair,honest and transparent attitude in business.

  2. INNOVATION: Creativity, Experimentation, risk taking capability, lead and not be led, thought and process Leadership, agility.

  3. UNITY: Works cohesively with Colleagues across the group and our customers around INDIA and ABROAD to build strong relationship, based on mutual co-operations & Team Work.